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Soil and Fertilizer for Succulents
by Peter Walkowiak
There are three ingredients for my soil mix.  You can substitute other materials and those are listed below.

60% perlite #3substitute pumice; this should be completely wetted and mixed, do not remove fine particles unless excessive.  
20% compostsubstitute good potting soil; I get my compost from the green recycling at the local dump and let age for one month minimum.
20% DG (decomposed granite); use 1/8" screen to remove gravel from fine particles.  Gravel is for top dressing and fine particles for the soil mix.

INSTRUCTIONS: Mix DG and compost together.  Add this to the WET perlite and mix till blended and perlite is not visible (no white showing).  Soil is ready to use.

Always use moist soil and never water
 newly transplanted succulents.

0-50-30 Grow More water soluble fertilizer
15.5-0-0 Calcium Nitrate, water soluble form
White vinegar, 2 tablespoons per gallon, PH of 6.0 to 6.5

Increase nitrogen in the early spring and late summer, decrease during heat waves, mid-summer and winter.

There are three materials to avoid - sand, peat moss, and coir.
Sand compacts and does not dry out or allow good air penetration.
Both peat moss and coir (coconut husk fibers) are not composted and when they do it turns to muck.