Mission Statement: The Los Angeles Cactus & Succulent Society, an affiliate of the Cactus & Succulent Society of America, was founded in 1935 to further the enjoyment & disseminate information about cacti & succulents.  .
March1, 2012 Program

“The American Southwest”
Presented by Woody Minnich

LACSS meeting begin at 7:00 PM . 
The Sepulveda Garden Center will open for set-up
at  6:45 and not before.
Wendell S. (Woody) Minnich 
Woody, as he is commonly called, has been in the cactus hobby for some 41 years and has become well known for his participation in many of the cactus and succulent clubs. He is an honorary life member of seven clubs as well as a life member of CSSA (Cactus & Succulent Society of America.) He has served in almost all positions of leadership from president, to newsletter editor, to show chairman and so on. He is also known for his extensive field work studying primarily the cactus family. He has traveled throughout the United States, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Africa, Yemen and Socotra. From these trips he has developed an extensive knowledge of the cactus family as well as many of the other succulent genera.

Nowhere in the world is there a more dynamic and picturesque region than that of the Ameri-can southwest. This romantic and historical part of the USA is marked with drama from its indigenous peoples and landscapes, to its grandest plants and creatures. For the purpose of this title we are includ-ing the seven most cactus and succulent rich states; Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mex-ico, Texas and Utah.

This presentation, The Great American Southwest, is an epic story and view of this magic land. Many people from all over the world have been attracted this special region, and for me, I will be sharing over 40 years of my field work in this most incredible part of our country.

March Plants of the Month
Cacti: Variegates
Succulents: Variegates
Cactus Chronicles ​ and   Plant of the Month  Archive
September 2006 - December 2010

  Dec 2010
(PDF format) Holiday Awards Party 

  Nov. 2010
(PDF format) Cactus: Echinocactus
                      Succulents: Haworthia retuse type

  Oct. 2010
(PDF format) Cactus: Variegates
                     Succulents: Variegates

  Sep. 2010
(PDF format) Cactus: Miniatures
                   Succulents: Miniatures

  Aug 2010
(PDF format) Cactus: Favorite
                      Succulents: Favorite

  July 2010
(PDF format) Cactus: Melocactus
                      Succulents: Cissus & Cyphostemma

  June 2010
(PDF format) Cactus: Thelocactus
                      Succulents: Caudiciform Euphorbia

  May 2010
(PDF format) Cactus: EchinopsisLobivia, & Trichocereus
                      Succulents: Agavaceae

  April 2010
(PDF format) Cactus: Astrophytums
                      Succulents: Cucurbitaceae

  Mar 2010
(PDF format) Cactus: Copiapoa
                      Succulents: AeoniumSempervivum & Sedum

  Feb 2010
(PDF format) Cactus: Monotypic Cacti
                   Succulents: AdromischusAnacampseros & Avonia

  Jan 2010 
(PDF format) Cactus: Hooked Spine Mammillaria
                   Succulents: Senecio and Othonna

  Dec 2009
(PDF format) Holiday Party 

  Nov 2009
(PDF format) Cactus: Ferocactus
                      SucculentsSansevieria or Sansevieria hybrids
                      Caudiciforms: Tylecodon

  Oct 2009
(PDF format) Cactus: Notocactus
                      Succulents: Dyckias or Dyckias hybrids
                      Caudiciforms: Ipomea

  Sept 2009
(PDF format) Cactus: Echinocereus
                      Succulents: Stapelia or Caralluma
                      Caudiciforms: Pachypodium (non-Madagascan) 

  Aug 2009
(PDF format) Cactus: Tubinicarpus
                      Succulents: Dorstenia
                      Caudiciforms: Adenium

  July 2009
(PDF format) Cactus: Echinocereus
                      Succulents: Stapelia or Caralluma
                      Caudiciforms: Pachypodium (non-Madagascan) 

  June 2009
(PDF format) Cactus: Espostoa and Oreocereus
                      Succulents: Agave
                      Caudiciforms: Ficus or Bombax 

 May 2009
(PDF format) Cactus: Ariocarpus
                   Succulents: Gasteria
                   Caudiciforms: Adenia 

  April 2009
(PDF format) Cactus: Rebutia or Sulcorebutia
                     Succulents: Lithops
                     Caudiciforms: Non-Madagascan Euphorbia

  March 2009
(PDF format) Cactus: Mammillaria clusters, straight or hooked spine - pots less than 7"
                      Succulents: Haworthias and Haworthia hybrids
                      Caudiciforms: Caudex succulents from Baja

  Jan-Feb 2009
(PDF format) Cactus: Gymocalycium
                     Succulents: Aloe and Aloe hybrids 
                     Caudiciforms: Sarcocaulon, Pelargonium, Begonia, Oxalis 

  November 2008
  (PDF format) Cactus: Variegates
                    Succulents: Variegates
                    Caudiciforms: None

  October 2008
(PDF format) Cactus: Crests, Monstrose
                   Succulents Crests, Monstrose
                   Caudiciforms :  None

  September 2008
(PDF format) Cactus: Pediocactus, Uebelmannia, Turbinicarpus
                      Succulents : Huernia, Caralluma, Hoodia
                      Caudiciforms : (Caudiciform) - BombaxCalibanus

  May-June 2008
(PDF format) Cactus : EchinopsisLobivia, Mediolobivia
                      Succulents : Haworthia & Haworthia Hybrids
                      Caudiciforms : Pachypodium, Pachycormus

  April 2008
(PDF format) Cactus : Ferocactus, Echinocactus
                      Succulents Sansevieria & Sanseveria hybrids
                      Caudiciforms : (Caudiciform) - Ficus

  March 2008
(PDF format) Cactus : ThelocactusCorypantha, Rebutia
                      Succulents : Gasteria and Gasteria hybrids 
                      Caudiciforms : Bursera, Pachycormus

  February 2008
  (PDF format) Cactus : Gymnocalycium
                      Succulents Aloe & Aloe Hybrids
                      Caudiciforms : Sarcocaulon, Pelargonium, Begonia

  January 2008
(PDF format) Cactus : Mammillaria under 6" pots
                      Succulents : Cotylendon, Tylecodon
                      Caudiciforms : Cycads

  December 2007 
(PDF format) Annual Holiday Party

  November 200
(PDF format) Cactus : Crests, MonstroseVariegate
                   Succulents : Crests, Monstrose, Variegate
                   Caudiciforms : Crests, MonstroseVariegate

  October 2007 
(PDF format) Cactus: Copiapoa, Matucana, Oroya
                      Succulents: EcheveriaDudleya
                      Caudiciforms: IpomeaFockea

  September 2007
(PDF format) Cactus: PediocactusUebelmanniaTurbinicarpus
                      Succulents: Hoyas, Dischidia
                      Caudiciforms: Bombax, Calibanus

  August 2007 
(PDF format) Cactus: Melocactus
                      Succulents: Euphorbia Madagascar
                      Caudiciforms: Euphorbia Caudiciform, non-Madagascar

  July 2007
(PDF format) Cactus: Opuntia and related species
                      Succulents: JatrophaMonadenium, Pedilanthus, Synadenium
                      Caudiciforms: PterodiscusUncarina

  June 2007
(PDF format) Cactus: EchinopsisLobivia, Mediolobivia
                      Succulents: AgaveYuccaNolina
                      Caudiciforms: Pachypodium, Pachycormus

  May 2007
(PDF format) Cactus: Echinocereus
                     Succulents: FouquieriaIdria
                     Caudiciforms: AdeniaAdenium

  April 2007 
(PDF format) Cactus: FerocactusEchinocactus
                     Succulents: Sansevieria & Sansevieria Hybrids
                     Caudiciforms: Ficus

  March 2007
(PDF format) CactusThelocactusCorypanthaRebutia
                      Succulents: Gasteria & Gasteria Hybrids
                      Caudiciforms: Bursera, Pachycormus

  February 2007 
(PDF format) Cactus: NotocactusParodia
                     Succulents: Aloe & Aloe Hybrids
                      Caudiciforms: SarcocaulonPelargonium, Begonia

  November 2006
(PDF format) Cactus: Your Favorite
                      Succulents: Your Favorite
                      Caudiciforms: Your Favorite

  October 2006
(PDF format) Cactus: NeochileniaNeoporteria
                      Succulents: Lithops and Conophytum
                      Caudiciforms: Bulbs

  September 2006
(PDF format) Cactus: Uebelmannia
                   Succulents: Sansevieria
                      Caudiciforms: Ficus

 Los Angeles Cactus and Succulent Society
 Los Angeles Cactus and Succulent Society

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