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Los Angeles Cactus and Succulent Society
 Los Angeles Cactus and Succulent Society
Meeting in the San Fernando Valley.

Come and Join Us!
Welcome to the website of the Los Angeles Cactus and Succulent Society. Our club is comprised of diverse individuals from throughout the southland who share a passion for cacti and succulents. We meet monthly in the San Fernando Valley to enjoy stimulating presentations, hands-on workshops, plant sales, mini-shows, raffles, trading, and other activities. In addition, we offer field trips to member gardens, nurseries, and private collections. To serve the greater community, we recently upgraded the Cactus and Succulent Garden at the Sepulveda Garden Center by planting many new species. Our June Drought Tolerant Plant Festival is one of the highlights of the year.

We eagerly share the joys and benefits of collecting and cultivating cacti and succulents to new hobbyists. We invite you to attend our general meetings on the 1st Thursday of each month at the Sepulveda Garden Center in the San Fernando Valley. We hope to see you at a meeting soon. 

Joyce Schumann

Mission Statement

The Los Angeles Cactus and Succulent Society (LACSS) cultivates the study and enjoyment of cacti and succulent plants through educational programs and activities that promote the hobby within a community of fellow enthusiasts and among the greater public.

Thursday, October 2, 2014 Program
LACSS meeting begins at 7:00 PM . 
The Sepulveda Garden Center will open for set-up
at 6:15 pm

Speaker- Marquita Ellias and John Martinez
Be ready to get your hands dirty this is member participation. John and Marquita will be demonstrating different methods of seed propagation and then it’s your turn. It’s a great way to build your collection in a short amount of time and have fun doing it. During this time of year many of your plants may have flowered and some may have produced seeds. Feel free to bring those seeds to the workshop. We will also be providing a wide variety of seeds for you to try. This is member participation so please bring your questions, tips, suggestions and most important your sense of humor.  
Marquita Ellias bio:
Marquita is a member of CSSA and a member of LACSS for three years and has been scheduling programs for two of those years. As a California native, born in Anaheim, she received her degree in Civil Engineering from Loyola Marymount University and also attended Scripps Institute of Oceanography. She worked as a Registered Civil Engineer for over 20 years with a portion of that time spent underwater as a hardhat diver. She spends her time helping with their family construction business, hiking, mountain biking and tending her collection of aeoniums and adeniums. She loves to work with seeds and has been doing so since she can remember; remembering the thrill of receiving the Burpee Catalog each spring.  
John Martinez Bio:

John lives in Moorpark with his wife Linda and has recently retired from the Los Angeles Fire Department after thirty five years of service. He is a member of the Los Angeles CSS, San Gabriel Valley CSS, San Fernando Bromeliad Society and volunteers at the Huntington Botanical Garden. He has a deep fondness of nature and has been growing cactus and succulents most of his adult life. Over the past three year he has been very fortunate to share growing grounds with three very experienced growers of cactus, succulents and other exotics. Aside from maintaining his plant collection, his time is divided between gardening, golf, photography, occasional fly fishing, and grandchildren. As a native of Southern California, he attended California State University Northridge where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Art. 

October Plants of the Month
Cacti:  Ariocarpus
Succullents: Euphorbia (Madagascar)